How to choose the right outdoor TV cover?

Aug 20, 2019

It’s very important to spend time outdoors and just enjoy the fresh air. It’s great for your health and it’s also really good for your mind. It’s actually very refreshing and it brings in amazing results as you try to improve your health and take it to that next level in a proper manner. That being said, there will always be some sort of challenges to spend your time outdoors. Taking your TV outside in the deck or patio area is a great step in the right direction. You will need an outdoor TV cover and other accessories for it, but it will totally be worth it if you do this right.


Choosing the right outdoor TV cover


This is actually as challenging as picking the outdoor TV itself. That’s because there are so many models on the market and all of us try to select only the best and most impressive ones. And sometimes you will have trouble figuring out what really works for you and what option will offer you the true value that you expect no matter the situation. Thankfully a good weatherproof cover helps you avoid that. Here we have a list with some of the things to consider when you want to select the right cover for your led lcd plasma TV.


Measure your TV first


You can’t get the best fit cover without knowing the true measurements for your TV. Knowing those exact measurements helps a lot and that’s why you need to be very accurate with them. It will help you a lot and it will make it easier to access the right cover. This way you won’t have to worry at all about your device being damaged or anything like that. It’s important to get the measurements right because you will end up returning the cover and wasting time if you are not measuring this properly. What you want to do is to take your time and study every option to ensure that the system is working correctly. As long as you measure everything you will have no problem getting the results you expect. But again, you need patience and the right measuring tools. This is a very important step and something that you want to think about before you commit to a certain outdoor cover.


Choose proper TV cover size


Now that you know the TV measurements, you will have an idea of what TV cover you need. However, not all TV covers are perfectly created for your flat panel. So you will find some of them that are very large, others that fit flat screen TV super well too. It all comes down to figuring out what approach works in such a situation and how you can make this work adequately without worrying too much. Every detail matters with this kind of stuff and you must try to push the boundaries by using a durable and reliable cover. If it’s larger, then it’s even better because you can customize it and even modify it a little bit. At the end of the day every little thing matters and that’s certainly something to consider.


Check compatibility for TV mount


When you buy a television you will also buy a TV wall mount. The problem here is that sometimes the cover will not be compatible with the double wall mount. What that means basically is that you will have to figure out what mount is compatible and which one is not. This is very helpful and it will come in handy more often than not. You just need to commit to the process and make it work in a way that you enjoy. And that means measuring everything, checking for compatibility and so on. Every detail matters here and once you know all the details the payoff will be among some of the best no matter what. Just try to take your time with it and once you do you will enjoy it quite a lot. Of course, this is the type of task that will require a lot of attention.


Choose the color


This is more of a personal choice. Thankfully there are tons of different colors for the TV covers. So at the end of the day you can choose whatever color you find suitable for your television. Some people want white or even black covers. Others want to go with a funkier approach by using blue, red or yellow covers. It’s important to figure out what color suits your needs the most and if you do it right, the results themselves will be among some of the best. Of course there will be demanding situations out there, so try to consider that and take your time with it if possible. Just commit to this and you will not be disappointed.


Make sure TV cover is waterproof


One of the main reasons why you need the cover is to protect your outdoor television against the elements. If you purchase such a product, you do want to be certain that the TV cover will protect your TV as much as possible. Water protection or UV protection are features that you really need to consider and waterproofing is essential for most of us. If you have these features, it will help quite a bit as the TV will be safer, you will not have to worry about any damage. Simply put, the TV will last longer with year round protection,  that’s definitely something you really need.


Make sure the TV cover’s bottom is closed


Why is this a thing to keep in mind? It’s important to have the bottom closed as that’s where water can reach your 55 inch TV station. And at the end of the day that can lead to major damage and it will be problematic for the most part. You want things to be seamless and simple, if you do it right it will be worth it, so try to consider that and you will be fine. Some waterproof covers don’t have the bottom closed, so that means they are not fully waterproof. And that can be an issue.


It has a remote control pocket


Remote control pockets might seem fancy, but it’s definitely something that you have to think about. It totally works and it delivers the high quality and value you want without that much of a hassle. The true benefit here is convenience and a great way for you to keep the remote control outside too. It doesn’t make sense to have an outdoor television but the remote control has to stay inside because it will get damaged otherwise. So you need to be very careful with this kind of stuff. Yet it will be great in the end if you avoid any rush.


Read feedbacks, make sure it’s easy to use


You should always read reviews before you buy any type of product online nowadays. You never know what you can expect, so reading opinions from people that actually got it helps you quite a lot. It will give a good insight into the process, the experience and also what you can expect more often than not. Of course, there are going to be challenges along the way, but if you tackle this correctly the experience will be really good, so try to make sure that you study feedbacks and reviews as much as you can. Some might be biased, but you will find some honest reviews too. And that’s certainly something you have to think about.


Buy from a reliable seller. Make sure you have a warranty


Be mindful of who you buy from too. Some sellers are not that trustworthy, they might not give you any warranty. So you have to make sure that you work with reliable professionals that you can actively rely on. If you don’t have, then chances are that there will be issues and you have to do whatever it takes to avoid such a situation. Keep an eye on the warranty you get for this product. We highly recommend buying it in reliable TV cover store.


Bottom line


Use these tips if you want to find the best outdoor TV cover for your budget. Taking your time is crucial when it comes to this type of tasks. It will take a little while until you decide, but try to study the market first and see all the options. Only when you know that you will be able to find whether you have a good option or not. Patience is important, just like checking all those features would be. Rest assured that if you start using these tips you will have no problem picking the best outdoor TV cover to suit your needs and requirements!