What do you need for installing outdoor TV?

Jul 27, 2018

It’s really cool to gather all your friends at a big barbecue party in your backyard. However, there is a risk that most of the friends will still celebrate inside, near the TV screen, where they watch the decisive match. Someone will have to talk all the time about changes in the score of the match to the one who fries a barbecue.

The best solution will be to place the TV outside, this will raise the level of entertainment in the open air, and everyone will be happy! However, it is necessary to think over a number of points before placing the TV on the backyard.


Where to begin?


1. Lets chose the TV for outside

The main question asked by many is whether it is possible to use an indoor TV outdoors. Some say – it can be used outside, others say it can’t, it’s up to you. Outdoor TV costs from 1500$ to 5000$ so not everyone is ready to pay for it, moreover, nowadays there are many tv protectors like tv enclosure and tv covers which protect a tv from the weather conditions. I would choose UHD Samsung TV with a diagonal from 43 to 55 inches and protect it with outdoor tv cover. You will spend on tv and tv protector from 300 to 500 dollars.


Samsung Electronics UN43J5202A 43-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV

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2. Choose the correct location for the TV

It is very important to consider whether the direct light is not falling on the screen, otherwise at certain times it will not be possible to see it; whether there is a pool nearby, whether fireplace or grill are far away, so as not to damage the TV, and also whether everyone in the backyard will be able to see the screen well; also you need to think about the height at which it will be located.


outdoor tv

2. What TV wall mount to choose?

There are 3 main types of tv wall mounts: fixed wall mount, tilting tv mount and full-motion tv wall mount. Depending on your needs, you can choose any of them. We have already talked about the choice of mounting and their types, in past article in our blog. Here the main tv wall mounts images below.







4. TV Protection


You should think about how the TV will be stored outdoors to extend its life, how to protect it from rain, snow, hail, dirt, dust, and other adverse activities for the TV. Here, the television coverage for outside will be indispensable.

outdoor tv cover

Garnetics Outdoor TV Cover for 43 inch TV

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5. Cables and Wires

Pay special attention to the method of connecting your TV.  It is necessary to choose the right wire box: large enough and small in appearance, as well as the wires themselves, it is better to choose those that withstand the influence of weather activities: rain, sun, etc. Electrical outlets are also needed for all weather conditions.


HDMI Cable 15 ft – 2 Pack

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6. Security Lock

If you are really worried about your expensive TV which is hanged on the street, and there are reasons to think that someone can steal it, then consider the option of using a security lock kit.


Lumintrail Combination Padlock Braided Steel Security Cable

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In my opinion, installing the TV outside is quite a simple issue. You need to choose a TV of the particular size, mount it in the right place, ensure the protection from the weather and enjoy watching your favorite TV shows every day.


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