Outdoor TV Covers
for 30-32 inch TVs

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30.5″ W x 20″ H x 3″ D

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  • Maintains its shape very well
  • Works with multiple bracket types
  • Very easy setup process
  • Provides maximum coverage at the bottom
  • Interior remote control pocket
If your TV needs protection from weather conditions, then our waterproof covers are a great solution. Thanks to high-quality Oxford PVC and smooth covering inside, they protect flat screen TVs from the weather and at the same time won’t scratch the surface of your screen. However, the biggest advantage is that you don’t have to take your TV down every time it rains.

Velcro closures stick the cover securely on all sides including bottom and provide reliable 360 protection of your TV from rain, wind, sun, and dirt, and have a pocket for storing the TV remote control. You can enjoy watching your favorite series or match in the patio or on a boat and be sure that your TV is protected.

Before buying a tv cover, pay attention to its size. This outdoor tv cover 32 inch fits most 32-inch TVs, such as Samsung, Sony, Visio, etc. However, it may also be suitable for other 27, 28 or 30 inch TV models.

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