Outdoor TV Covers Images

We gathered photos of Garnetics Outdoor tv covers from our customers to show how they look live and show customer experience of using it.

Help customers choose the correct tv cover. Send us the photo of your outdoor television covered with Garnetics Outdoor TV Cover to info@garnetics.com. Share your experience.


Garnetics Outdoor TV Cover is a universal weatherproof protector for Flat Screen Televisions (LED, LCD, Plasma). It’s compatible with a single and dual arm tv mounts as well as with floor stand mount and simply with TV Stand. TV Cover is made of water-resistant 300D Oxford fabric with vinyl coating. Multiple velcro fasteners provide wide compatibility and completely seal the cover around including bottom.

Key to success in choosing the right tv cover is choosing the proper tv cover size. You MUST measure your television dimensions before you place an order, not rely on tv cover title. Not all TVs are the same. If you want the tv cover fit well, measure your tv and compare the measurements with the product’s description. If you are not sure, follow our recommendations in the fitting guide or contact us via email or contact page.

We hope this gallery of Exterior TV Covers will help you chose the best outdoor tv cover for your outdoor television which will protect it for a long time and, at the same time will сhord with your backyard exterior.