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Buying a TV wall mount? Find here how to choose the right Mount

In this guide, you will find all the necessary information on choosing and installing a TV mount for flat-screen TVs.

Getting Started

First of all, let us see why the TV should be hung on a tv wall mount since most TVs come with stands and you can just put them on the tv stand. However, due to the wide viewing angle, small depth and weight of modern televisions, they can be easily hung on the mount providing a number of benefits.

  • It can free up space in the room.
  • The TV will be securely mounted on the bracket, which prevents the possibility of accidental tilting it by a child or pet.
  • Thanks to the variety and versatility of the brackets, you can rotate the TV screen as you wish and watch TV in different positions, sitting on the couch, when you are cooking or dining at the table, as you wish.
  • And of course, the TV on the bracket looks aesthetically better, complementing your interior.

Before buying a TV wall mount, you should draw attention to a number of important details.

Check these points before buying a TV Mount.


Do you need Fixed or Full-Motion TV Mount?

Firstly, you need to determine whether your TV will be in a fixed position or you might need to rotate it, and also determine how exactly it will be rotated. Depending on the type of rotation, there are 3 main types of brackets you can find: Fixed TV Mounts, Tilting TV Mounts, Articulating TV Mounts.

The mounting point

Next, you need to determine the mounting point. Depending on the mounting point, there are wall, corner and ceiling mounts.

Check size and weight of your TV

Check the characteristics of your TV: weight and size. It is necessary to check whether the weight and size of your TV correspond to the service characteristics of the bracket. You will find this information on the bracket box and the corresponding information about the TV on the TV box.


The Flat Display Mounting Interface (FDMI), also known as VESA mount, is a family of standards defined by the Video Electronics Standards Association for mounting flat panel televisions and monitors.  Simply put, VESA is a set of 4 mounting holes for bolts that are located on the back of the TV and located at a certain distance from each other in the form of a square or rectangle. The distance between the bolt holes should match the distance between the holes in the TV. In small VESA TVs, it is usually 100mm x 100mm ( MIS-D, 100) and in large ones it can be 200 x 400 or more. Most brackets comply with VESA standards. This means that by checking the bracket for the size of your TV, you can be sure that the bracket is suitable, but it is better to double-check. Usually, all bracket manufacturers indicate this information in the product description.

What to do with Cables and Wires?


Nothing will spoil the look of the TV on the bracket like chaotically hanging wires. Many manufacturers have provided different solutions to this problem. Some brackets have holes in the housing where the wires can be hidden. Some manufacturers offer clamps to hold wires. If you chose a bracket without wire management systems, then you should think about how to fasten and hide the wires, for example, by purchasing simple clips.

Reliability and durability of TV mount


It is very important for me to be sure that the TV will not be damaged on the bracket, and the rotating elements will rotate freely along its axis. I recommend checking the material from which the bracket is made, usually steel or aluminum, but some are made of plastic. Without a doubt, steel is the most reliable option, however, if the bracket meets the UL standard ( Standard for Wall- and Ceiling-Mounts and Accessories), you can be assured of its quality. Also, I would choose a bracket of a famous brand. The design of such brackets is more thought out and reliable.

Using a TV Mount outside


Can I use the brackets for indoor use outside? Yes, of course, but it is worth remembering that they will be subject to weather conditions and may fail faster. To protect some elements of the bracket, as well as the TV outside, one of the best solutions would be to use an outdoor TV cover. Outdoor TV Covers are waterproof, suitable for most brackets, and also manufactured for various TV sizes. You can always find the right one for you.

TV wall mounts types and our best picks


So, you already know almost everything you need to buy a bracket. However, there are many brackets from various manufacturers on the market that will meet your requirements. How to choose the best one?

We reviewed brackets of various manufacturers and would like to offer you some good options depending on your needs.

VideoSecu ML531BE – Best full-motion articulating tv wall mount for 27″-55″ inch TVs

Thanks to its versatility, it is without a doubt the most popular TV bracket that you may find on the market today. It provides the screen rotation by 180 degrees and tilt from 15 to -5 degrees and has a different set of VESA mounting holes. It is also easy to install by yourself; the bundle includes Axis Magnetic Bubble Level and an HDMI cable. On the product page you will find answers to any of your questions from thousands of reviews and answers to questions.

Everstone Best tilting TV Wall Mount for 32-80″ TVs

This bracket combines reliability and reasonable price, although it is made from high-quality steel. It provides a screen tilt up to 10 degrees, is easy to install, and suitable for televisions with a diagonal from 32 to 80 inches. If you need this type of bracket, then this one will be a good choice.

The product also includes a bonus: HDMI Cable and Cable Ties

Mounting Dream – Best Low Profile Fixed TV Wall Mount Bracket for 42 – 70 Inch LED, LCD and Plasma TV

Large TVs are often hung on fixed brackets. It has a simple design, and at the same time, a number of advantages. Since it has no moving parts, it is safer and more durable, it is very easy to install, there is no need to invent something with wires, in most cases, they are just hidden behind the TV.

This bracket is a good option for TVs with a diagonal from 42 to 70 inches.

We also would like to draw your attention to the next types of brackets, perhaps you didn’t even think about another place of mounting the TV and can reconsider the concept of your interior, thanks to these types of TV mounts.

VideoSecu Best Adjustable Ceiling TV Mount for 26 – 65″ LCD LED Plasma Monitor Flat Panel Screen Display

The important characteristics of the ceiling bracket for the TV are adjustment of the distance from the ceiling, screen rotation around the axis, screen tilt and maximum weight of the TV, which is provided by the manufacturer of the bracket.

This bracket has Adjustable height ranges of 19.4 “-34.7”, 360-degree swivel and Tilt 15 degree forward / 5 degree backward and is suitable for TVs with a diagonal up to 65 inches weighing up to 66lb.

Mounting Dream Best – Full Motion Corner TV Wall Mount Bracket for 26 – 50 Inch TVs

If you need to hang a large TV in the corner and ensure its rotation and tilt, then the corner mount use would be a reliable option, since it is specially designed just for such cases.

This bracket is designed to work on different angled corner walls. You can use this bracket for TVs with a diagonal from 26 to 50 inches. Bracket provides screen rotation and tilt.

MantelMount MM340 – Best Above Fireplace Pull Down TV Mount

If you plan to hang the TV over the fireplace and want to get more comfort when watching TV and aesthetic beauty, consider buying Above Fireplace Pull Down TV Mount.  It provides  Full Range Motion:  Up to 29″ Vertical Travel, 30° Swivel Left/Right and 18.75″ Off-The-Wall.
This bracket, in truth, is not to everyone’s taste. Not everyone needs this type of bracket and it is quite expensive in comparison with other types. But maybe you need one just like that.

TV Wall Mount Installation

After choosing the right bracket you need to install it. If you have time and some experience with installation tools, you can install the bracket for a small TV yourself, but if you need to install a 55-inch TV on the bracket, you need to do the installation with the help of a friend.  Before installation, it is important to read the assembly and installation instructions, and after installation, make sure that you have fastened all the bolts securely. Complete with the bracket I often supply all the necessary components for installation. You can find useful information on mounting the bracket at this link. If you want to hire someone to install the bracket for you, you can order this service for example here – TV Wall Mounting & Installation Service.

The Bottom Line


So, let’s briefly go through all the points above to choose the right tv mount. First, choose the type of mount you need, check the size and weight of the TV, as well as compatible mounting pattern VESA. Also, make sure that there are mounting kit and well-thought wire holders available.
In this article, we looked at the main types of brackets and what to look for when choosing. Currently, the market offers a great variety of different mounts which we didn’t include in this guide and you can find an unusual mount that will be right for you.

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