Are you a TV lover? We know most answers lie in the “Yes” region. Around the world, 85% of people watch Television. Good shows and movies allow people to relax and trust us: watching has become a hobby for many people. Do you know that cable charges and DSTV cabling have become expensive? Imagine the economic burden weighing on our shoulders, and you need more than $100 for monthly cable expenses. We know you have been trying to look for the perfect replacement for these monthly charges.

We come with good news to show you the perfect way to ditch the cabling system. You wonder if you can still find the comfort of watching your favorite shows with my theory. Let us help you grasp the practical part of it, and you get to enjoy the fruits of your cable-less connection.

Alternatives to using cables (What You Require)

For you to find the perfect cable replacement, you need several things put in place.

An Internet connection


An Internet connection may be easily found by anyone nowadays. Every country has several internet providers, and once you access your internet, you get the chance to witness things transforming. Your cell phone provider’s services will also work, but it’s most reliable to have Internet at home if you want to watch TV with it. Make sure that your Internet connection is stable and fast enough.

A streaming Device

With your internet well connected, you need a streaming device. The streaming device allows you to access various sites online. The streaming device connects to your TV, and the device will enable you to access channels from its device box. From there, you get to watch every video you need and even follow your favorite sport.


If your actual Television has smart-TV features, then you will only require an Internet connection. You won’t require the streaming device with your Smart TV. All Smart devices, including your Screen, have an internal internet adapter that lets them function without a streaming device.

Are you wondering about the different types of streaming devices at your reach? Here, let us explain to you a few of them.

  1. Amazon Fire Stick For TV


With this Fire Television stick, you connect it to an HDMI port using small HDMI cables packaged with the device. The most fantastic thing about this stick occurs due to its “Alexa” feature. You get to talk on the stick on the show you need, and it pulls it for you on your Screen. You still will enjoy watching your shows while traveling. The only thing you need to carry appears to be your fire stick. You then connect it to other screens and keep enjoying shows from your device accounts.

  1. Apple TV

Apple TV device helps you access shows if your household has Apple-enabled features only. You use this device to access movies and shows through your iTunes account.

  1. Roku Stick/Box

The features for this item resemble those of the Amazon TV stick. The only difference comes in the fact that Roku has box options. The device comes in three models. Let’s dive right in and see which model may be a fit for you.

  • Roku streaming stick – this device resembles the Amazon fire stick. The remote has a voice adapter that lets you use your voice to select channels and shows. You may add your volume using this device, allowing you to operate your Television from one gadget.
  • Roku Express – this proves to be the most affordable option. The cost goes up to $20 less than the Roku streaming stick. You will enjoy using this device in your house.
  • Roku Ultra – the Roku ultra box allows you to connect it with your Ethernet cable. It ensures no internet problems as you stream. Although the price gets to be double the Roku streaming stick, it offers more entertainment and cheaper services than cables.

  1. Chromecast

Chromecast is a device that resembles the Apple TV, but Google supports it.

  1. A Streaming-Capable Blu-Ray Player

This unique item allows you to play Blu-rays and DVDs. Have you ever wished for a cheaper yet classic device? Here it comes. The streaming ability compares to that of Hulu and Netflix. You may then download lesser popular services.

  1. A Streaming-Adaptable gaming device (Xbox, Wii, PS4)

If you stream separately from your gaming device, you don’t stand to pay any monthly or yearly fees. According to your needs and requirements, you will get the one that suits you best. In any case, whatever device you choose will cut down your cable cost.

A streaming service

The final step after having your streaming device set up involves getting a streaming service. Do you have to pay for the services? Yes, you have to pay, but the charges get ultimately low than using the cable connection. The services will let you watch shows and movies on their site, all at an affordable fee.


You will acquire unlimited access, and you may always watch any time you feel comfortable. The shows stay there for you to get maximum viewing. Below we’re going to explain to you the various streaming services. We believe one of them will wow you to make that bold step to switch to a cable-less connection.

  • Netflix

Here you will need to have a Netflix account. The account ranges from nine to fifteen dollars per month. You will get the chance to view back seasons on previous TV shows, the best movie series, and single movies. If you own a Flat-screen, then your house will be the movie theater of your dreams.


The beauty of Netflix occurs in that you may use your different gadgets to access the videos. To cater to your family, Netflix has an upgrade option to enable multiple devices to log into your account. You will receive a free one-month trial if you choose to have a Netflix account. Once you use the account, make sure to download videos to watch when offline.

  • Hulu

Just like Netflix, with Hulu you get to watch TV shows, Movies, and Original series. The budget for Hulu also seems affordable since you get to access it with between six to twelve dollars per month. Episodes on Hulu come out a day after the given air date. You may follow shows and series as well as watch past videos.


You may subscribe to a no-commercials plan for twelve dollars or a limited-commercial plan for six dollars. All the same, the advantage will be overusing cable connections. The live TV option from Hulu serves the purpose too. If you have a favorite channel, Hulu will sort you out.

  • HBO Now

HBO streaming service allows you to watch all your favorite shows at a monthly fee of fifteen dollars.


The equipment grants you a budget-friendly offer and a one-week free trial. Your computer, laptop, or even mobile phone has the streaming ability to ensure explicit entertainment.

  • Amazon Prime Video

You will enjoy an Amazon Prime Video experience with approximately $119 per year or $12.99 per month. Imagine the amount you will save while using this service. You won’t compare it to the cable connection that on its own took away 100 dollars from your pocket every month. This budget proves Amazon Prime Video to be a sure alternative.


You will see no commercials with this service, making you have a beautiful movie, show, or series experience. You may as well download videos to watch when offline. The best thing before we forget, you have an exclusive chance to rent out shows, movies, and series from your Amazon account. Isn’t this an excellent opportunity?

  • Showtime

We present to you another outstanding streaming service – Showtime. By the time we finish, you sure will have gotten your best alternative to cable-installation service.


With only $10.99 per month, this streaming service grants you access to shows, videos, and movies. You also get the chance to a live-screen streaming extravaganza. Subscribe today and receive a free unlimited trial to all your favorite shows.

  • Disney +

With a budget-friendly Disney Plus subscription of $6.99, you will receive access to your shows, including Disney and Pixar shows.


National Geographic, Marvel, and Star Wars get added to the mix.

What else would you wish for in the world of entertainment? If you desire, try integrating the Disney +, Hulu, and ESPN services for only $12.99 per month. You will get an array of perfect streaming services all-in-one solutions.

How to Watch Live TV Without Cable

We have looked at how to watch the show, movies, and series without cables. The question you might be asking is how you may watch your local and international channels on your Television. You will need to have the following to enjoy those favorite stations.

  • Subscribe to a Live TV Streaming Service

You may be wondering how different this might be to the streaming services you saw above. The only simple difference has to be that this Live TV streaming allows you to watch live.


You don’t watch recorded staff, but you watch things as they happen. The advantage of live streaming over cable networks arises in the ability to receive budget-friendly services. You will also get into no contracts allowing you to cancel anytime.

  • Get an HDTV Antenna

Most TVs come with an HDTV Antenna. The Antenna allows you to watch Network TV live at free rates. You only need to position the Antenna strategically to receive the network signal.


Feel free to install it in the attic and have all your TVs receive a high-definition Free live network. With this Antenna, you need no internet connection. You will receive channels depending on where you live and the type of Antenna used.

  • Live stream online local news

This alternative offers you a perfect live TV scenario. You will only search for watch live on your local news channel’s websites.


After finding the results, you watch live. This gadget uses the internet and proves to be a cheaper option than using cables.

Answers to find before cutting off the cable

Although we have offered you so many options to quit using cables, ask yourself these questions before cutting off that cable.


  • What TV shows and channels do you like to watch? If your answer favors cutting off the cables, then you have it all.
  • How do you want to watch TV? Make sure your answer allows you to use stream devices or your Smart TV system.
  • Will this save you money? When you use the above information, your strategy should ensure that you save money compared to the cable system. When all your budget plans meet, go ahead and cut that cable.


With the rise of technology, Smart TVs and most Flat-Screen TVs allow you to use streaming services. You don’t need to whine in poverty as a cable connection takes much of your money leading to zero savings. Most TV models in currents times come compatible with most streaming service providers. You only need an internet connection and use the streaming services to access your favorite show.

These watching devices allow you to download various apps from the app store. With internet access, you access the various streaming services from the downloaded apps. You have no excuse as to why not to make the watching an affordable venture.

As you have seen, the given requirements to watch your shows, movies, and series may not be expensive. When you pay over one hundred dollars monthly for cable connection, you won’t save at the end of the year. With a good plan and replacing the cables with the explained alternatives, you have the chance to save several dollars.

You may watch a live show, recorded shows, and all other shows without a cable connection to your Television. All series and movies get featured on your streaming service of choice. Unlike cables, the streaming alternative offers a variety of choices. If one doesn’t suit you, you opt for the most suitable.