Modern design and thoroughly-thought-out functionality in conjunction with using quality materials make this TV Cover the best offer on the market




Garnetics Waterproof exterior TV covers are made from quality 600D Oxford material with PVC coating which maintains its shape well providing all year round protection of your LED, LCD or Plasma television from harsh weather conditions while it’s smooth internal coating prevent scratches on your flat TV screen.

* Currently, there are 3 colors ( grey, beige, black ) and 10 sizes available ( for televisions from 24 to 90 inch ).




Weatherproof protection

One of the main benefits and functions of a cover is that it provides weatherproof protection. And this is undoubtedly the most important feature. Being outdoors means that the TV-set will be exposed to various weather conditions such as wind, rain, and morning dew. This is not an agreeable climate for a television, so it’s necessary to get weatherproof protection to save your investment. In the outdoors, elements can find different ways to damage your TV, but not if you have an all-round cover.

Garnetics TV Cover with bottom cover provides 360° coverage. Velcro fasteners on the back and around the edges on the bottom completely seal television so you can be sure it will be dry and clean.


various sizes

Variety of models, colors, and sizes

Contrary to popular belief, the TV cover doesn’t always have to be an eyesore and inconvenience. We manufacture attractive models of different colors that can fit into your decorated home effortlessly, without ruining the visual appeal. You don’t have to sacrifice your sense of aesthetics to safeguard your valuable belongings.

In addition to the color variety, you also have a lot of options when it comes to the size of TV that you own. There are 10 sizes available in our store. No matter the size of the TV screen or the style of your decor, you are sure to find a suitable option. But don’t forget to measure your TV.



Compatible with most TV wall mounts and stands

Garnetics TV covers design provides wide compatibility with the most brackets types through multiple velcro back closures. It has bottom cover which completely seals it providing full coverage of your TV as well as have a pocket on the back side for remote control storage.


tv protector


A TV cover is simple to unpack and use. On top of that, it’s very easy to store when you aren’t using it. If you decide that you want to take off the cover for a bit to enjoy your TV, you can simply fold it and keep it away for the time being.

When it is on the TV itself, it definitely doesn’t take up much room and doesn’t make the TV much bulkier than it was before.



Prolong the service life of your TV

Don’t you agree that protection for TV outside is a very minimal and reasonable investment, as compared to the possible implications of not having any protection? You don’t need to buy an expensive outdoor TV or hard shield for TV. You can just hang a regular TV outside and protect it with a TV cover.

If you are going to purchase a TV to enjoy your daily dose of entertainment in an outdoor environment, you should invest just a little extra to make sure that your purchase is safe and well-maintained.





The right way to choose the correct size is to measure your television and compare it with the fitting guide. This way you will be sure the cover will fit your outdoor tv and it will be easy to put on and take off.
Please measure carefully height, width and depth of your television. If you don’t know how to make right measurements, please use the guidelines.
Compare your measurement with the fitting guide and chose the right TV cover size for your TV. We manufacture tv covers up to 85 inch TVs. You can find full catalog here. As well you are pleased to check FAQ section.
Garnetics TV covers compatible with most bracket’s systems. Learn more about compatible tv mounts types. Also, if you need more information aboutinstalling outdoor TV you can read our blog.



Find the WIDTH of your TV by measuring from one side to another one of the screen horizontally, including the bezel, or the frame on both ends.
Your TV’s width is the most crucial measurement, we base the sizes of our TV covers on it.
Find the HEIGHT of your TV by measuring from the top to the bottom of the screen vertically, including the bezel, or the frame on both ends (but without the stand).
Find the DEPTH of your TV by measuring from the edge of the front part to the edge of the back part (without the dimensions of the wall mount for your TV if it’s installed).

*Compare your measurements with our sizing table.



What the customers say about our products

Does the job. Our TV is dry after rains
By William Walker, 14 Marth 2017

High quality product for a reasonable price, made of sturdy material and well stitched. We had a recent rains with strong winds and our 43 inch TV which hanged in patio stayed dry as well as RC in the pocket. There are also cutouts for a TV stand or mount.

Great protection. Like the color.
By Ron Wesley, 19 June 2019

Our TV is mounted on the wall of the house without any kind of cover. And this cover does a great job of keeping rain and other moisture from getting on my device. At first I wanted to choose a harder cover, but it is difficult to take it off and put it on every time. So I chose this cover, it is very easy to use. I just quickly undo the velcro and take it off when we use the TV. And then I put it back on just as easily. It wraps nicely around the entire surface of the TV on all sides. All the seams are secure, nothing leaks. We chose the beige color and my wife really likes that it blends well with the color of our walls. The product was very satisfying, I recommend it.

Great customer service
By Robin Whyte , 23 Apr 2020

In general, I liked the product. It's easy to use and wraps around the TV from all sides. I'd also like to mention the excellent customer service. I found a hole in one of the corner seams, even though I used the cover recently. I contacted the seller, my request was quickly processed and a new case was sent immediately. Thanks for the seller for their speed and the new product. I can recommend this store.

I bought it for a 32 inch TV and its great
By Joseph Brown, 05 April 2019

My 32" TV is mounted in the gazebo on my backyard and I am not afraid to leave it there with this TV cover on it. The material of the cover is thick and sturdy. Just what I needed. It is very convenient that there are velcro fasteners on the back and bottom, so you can tightly put the cover around the bracket. There is a pocket for the remote control, which is also waterproof and It cannot but please us. But, just in case, I will take down the TV if there is a storm or squally wind, just to be safe.

Would highly recommend
By Edward Wales, 08 June 2018

We rarely have bad weather since we live in the southern part of California. Also, our TV is mounted to the wall under the roof, so we haven't had a TV cover until now. But we recently bought one, since we decided that the TV needed protection after all, and we were happy with it. It's easy to put on and completely covers the screen as it has velcro strips. But it still leaves a little room to put cables in it. It perfectly protects our TV from any moisture. Plus, this year we're predicting a lot of precipitation in our region, so it will be a great opportunity to test how it will handle that. To date, I can safely say that I am very satisfied with the case and recommend it for purchase.

Fullfill expectations
By Donald Tylor, 17 april 2020

- reasonable price
- High-quality, thick material
- The specified dimensions correspond to reality
- There is a hole for the mount

- It would be better if the fasteners were zippered, to remove and put the cover faster
- I would like to find models of a slimmer design for modern TVs.

Overall, I am satisfied with the purchase. The quality and price are excellent. Perfect fit on my 40″ Sony TV set. Sturdy material. Velcro closure in the bottom keeps dust and moisture away. Works great with the full-motion mounting system

A PVC material inside. Smooth but be careful to put it on and take off.
By Emerald Pinkney , 17 February 2016

I hung my 50" TV on an outside lanai. I used to have another TV cover with a soft fabric inside that would slide smoothly across the screen. This one has a different material inside, like rubber or PVC. It does a great job of protecting the device from water and other elements, but you have to be more careful when you put it on or take it off.

I was surprised ! Provides great protection.
Santos Reed , 15 July 2019

I don't usually write reviews, but now I can't get past it. There was a hurricane in our area, winds up to 50 miles per hour, and the downpour lasted several hours! When it was over, I went out to my patio to check on my TV. After this ferocious weather, I had no hope for anything anymore. But I was very surprised to find that my TV was dry and nothing had happened to it! I think this was the best test for the TV cover. For little money it saved me from buying a new TV. Since this item kept my TV dry during a hurricane, I won't have to worry at all when it rains.

Sturdy and waterproof. Great for Floridian weather
By Robert Anderson , 10 May 2018

I live in central Florida, and we have a lot of rains and high humidity. On top of that, my TV is close to a swimming pool. So I was looking for a reliable protection against moisture and I also wanted it to have a nice appearance. This cover met all my criteria. It is resistant even to heavy rain and looks good. It is also very easy and fast to put on and take off, thanks to the velcro. I really can not find faults with it. If I have another TV on my backyard, I will definitely buy the same model.

Does exactly what I hoped it would do
By Christopher Fischer , 14 June 2018

My TV is on a stand in my patio and it doesn't mind the rain. The biggest problem for me was getting pollen into the electronics, so I was looking for something to protect my TV from that. It was also important to me that it was easy to use and that the cover completely covered my TV. I chose a size 40-43 cover for my 43" TV LG and it fit perfectly. It's great protection and doesn't scratch the screen. There is also a pocket for my remote, but I always keep my remote at home. I am more than happy with it.

Seems to be a good product. Will see this summer
By Roy Rains , 11 Marth 2019

My TV is a 43-inch Toshiba and my mount is a Sanus Advanced Tilt BLT2-B1. I received my TV Cover about a week ago and I immediately put it on my TV. It is still too early to make conclusions, but here are my impressions to date: A) The material looks durable, seams are strong. B) The back pocket for the remote control was a bonus, which can also store cables C) The back has a special hole for the mount, so everything fit my parameters perfectly D) The velcro fasteners seem reliable, let's see how it will be further. E) It was important to me to have the bottom cover, here it is well made F) The price is reasonable G) The delivery was fast, the product is securely packed. Will check out how well it will do in the Arizona summer.

Works well and love the remote pouch!
By Daryl Simpson, 05 October 2018

My 55-inch TV is mounted on a patio with no roof. Outdoor TV cover does a great job of protecting my device from moisture and dust, but I can't say how it will handle extreme weather. The material is not very thick, but it does the job quite well. For me, the velcro fasteners were very convenient, because of them the cover wrap all sides of the TV and it is very easy to put on and take off. I also really appreciated the pocket for the remote control, it is really convenient. No doubts, the cover is worth the money, I recommend it. Only in my case, probably during very hot or cold weather, it is better to bring the TV indoors.

Great Product. I will recommend it for my friends
By Richard Carson, 05 August 2019

I've been thinking for a long time about what kind of cover to buy for my LCD TV, which I usually mount on my RV. There is a canopy over the TV, so critical precipitation does not fall on my TV. I needed reliable protection from slanting rain, dew, or the occasional spray from the hose. This cover handled all of that perfectly. The velcro seals the TV around and prevents any moisture from getting in. In addition, the model of my TV is older, so it is heavier than modern televisions and it was very difficult to take it inside every time after viewing. Now, I can safely leave it outside. So far I am absolutely satisfied.

Must have product if you use TV outside. Very satisfied
By Jose Tyler, 04 June 2018

I don't like writing reviews, but I'm really excited about this product, so I'll write about my experience with it. I don't have a special outdoor TV as they are very expensive. I just took my regular indoor TV and installed it outside at my own risk. The place where I set it up is in the shade, but it's not completely enclosed, so it doesn't protect it from the rain. I was very worried that the weather would just break my TV. When the first rain came after installation, it got right on my TV screen and I knew it needed protection, otherwise it wouldn't last that long. I bought a cover, installed it and this time it was raining. I went out to see if the cover let the moisture and what was my surprise when I saw that the TV was absolutely dry! I highly recommend the cover to buy, especially if you have a regular indoor TV outdoors like I do.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please, find the answers to the most common customers’ questions below.

Q.You say that your covers are 100% waterproof, aren’t they?

A.Due to the high-quality materials that we use while producing covers, they are really 100% waterproof. Of course, if you specifically try to pour water inside the cover using a water hose or something similar, then, of course, this can happen, but if you use the cover properly, i.e. to protect your TV from weather activities such as snow, rain, hail, sun, wind, dust and dirt, you can count on the reliable protection.

Q.How can I choose the right TV cover size for my TV?

A.The guarantee of the correct choice is the measurement of your TV. Before you purchase a TV cover please follow the instructions on our website here. If for any reason you cannot decide on the cover, please contact us.

Q.What guarantees do you provide?

A.We provide a 1-year warranty. If the cover does not fulfill its functions please contact us.

Q.What colors and sizes of your covers are available?

A.We manufacture TV covers for TVs with a diagonal from 24 to 85 inches. There are 3 colors available now: black, beige, grey. Detailed information about sizes, colors and tv covers features you can find on our website here. Also, you can find the full list of Garnetics Outdoor TV Covers with a detailed description on this page.

Q.How to clean the cover?

A.For light contaminants use plain water. For more complex contaminants, use a sponge or bristle brush, a soap solution in warm water. Allow the cover to dry well before storing in a dry place. Do not wash in a washing machine.

Q.How to protect my wire box?

A.We recommend attaching your wires to the back of the TV and hiding them inside the cover using fasteners on the bottom of our cover. This will also improve the appearance and securely protect the cables.

Q.Where can I purchase your products?

A.Currently, we sell our products on Amazon. You can visit our Store on Amazon.

Q.Do outdoor TVs have to be covered?

A.Outdoor TVs provide good entertainment and can be placed anywhere like your patio, boat or a deck. There are a few things that need to be taken care of, to increase the life of the TV that is placed outside. Certain factors like sunlight, wind, dust, rain, humidity, bugs, etc might pose a challenge for the longevity of the TV. This problem can be overcome by using appropriate TV covers available in the market. These covers protect it from different weather conditions and several other things like bugs.