Yes! Use the cover to protect your TV from weather activities such as snow, rain, hail, sun, wind, dust and dirt. You can count on the high quality materials we used on your covers for reliable protection.

Make sure you measure your TV correctly. If you can’t decide or are unsure about which size would perfectly fit your TV, please reach out to us here.

Yes! When you purchase on our website, you automatically get a 5-year coverage. If within the said period, your cover or fire pit does not fulfill its functions, tell us and we’d be glad to help.

For light contaminants - use plain water. For more complex ones, use a sponge or bristle brush and soap solution in warm water. Allow the cover to dry well before storing in a dry place. Please do not wash your covers in a washing machine.

We recommend attaching your wires to the back of your TV. Hide them inside the cover using fasteners on the bottom of the cover. This will securely protect your cables and improve the appearance of your TV.

Longevity depends on a variety of factors. This can include the weather & your level of care. 

As this is still a piece of fabric, we can’t guarantee that the outdoor elements will not damage your flag.

However, here at Rushmore Rose USA, you get nothing but the best quality flags sold in the US. Make sure to look after your flag, especially when weather conditions are harsh, to ensure that it will always look its best through the years!

Yes! It can protect your TV all summer long and can even withstand the winters too. Garnetics’ tv and grill covers are made to hold up nicely and are tougher than the weather and winds.

If you have a TV placed on your patio, boat, deck, garage, poolside, outdoor kitchen, backyard or anywhere outside of your house, we recommend using a TV cover. This will help prolong your TV’s lifespan as it protects your TV or grill from sunlight, wind, dust, rain, humidity, bugs and other elements that might challenge its longevity.