Garnetics fire pits are meticulously crafted for durability, heat efficiency, and aesthetics. Our 25" fire pit proudly displays a U.S. flag design, making it a perfect blend of patriotism and functionality.

Both sizes offer optimal heat distribution and durability. The choice typically hinges on space availability and personal preference, with the 25" pit adding a patriotic touch to your setting.

For safety, it's recommended to place our fire pits on non-flammable surfaces or use a protective barrier. Always ensure stability before lighting the pit.

Our fire pits are designed for easy maintenance. Regularly remove ash and clean the exterior occasionally to ensure longevity and safety.

Yes, our fire pits are designed keeping portability in mind, allowing you to enjoy a warm gathering anywhere you desire.

Absolutely. Our fire pits come with protective meshes, preventing sparks from escaping and ensuring a safe environment.

Yes. Garnetics stands behind the quality of its products, offering a warranty. For specifics, refer to the product's accompanying documentation or contact our customer service.