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"I do love the graphics and how it looks"

Protect your grills while elevating your backyard’s aesthetic! Here at Garnetics, functionality and style always go together.

We give you vibrant, well-designed grill covers that are fade and rip resistant, tougher than the weather, dust-proof, windproof, easy to use and are 100% beautiful you’re sure to always receive tons of compliments from your guests!

"It has beautiful protection, is durable, flexible and good for humidity"

Keep your precious televisions safe and intact, rain or shine, hot or cold with Garnetics’ dependable TV covers. We’ve designed our TV covers from solid, heavy duty fabrics that will keep your TVs dry, moisture-free and away from dusts or insects wherever they may be. Confidently place your televisions in the great outdoors; display it in your gazebo, porch, patio, bar or garage without having to worry about the weather, dirt or water.

"Perfect for all settings - patio, camping, backyard"

Your casual get-together, barbecue feasts, courtyard camping while jamming over great music or smores night deserve a cozy, warm atmosphere. Garnetics’ fire pits are with you to make it happen! Draw your friends and family closer, let the stories flow and songs be sung as the fire pit’s embers glow with its mesmerizing flames!